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We provide every exceptional student with an appropriate individualized education plan (IEP) and encourage the participation of parents in the educational process. BEA provides education for Kindergarten through 12th grade. Our classroom placement is based on age and functional level. Some classrooms implement more than one curriculum at the same time depending on where the students' academic and/or functional levels are. We target what we feel will most benefit a student, whether they are a child, adolescent transitioning into adulthood or young adult. 

Our full academic curriculum consists of core subject areas such as ELA (English Language Arts), Math, Reading, Social Studies and Science. It is important here at BEA to make sure that our students are really understanding what is being taught. Our teachers use different teaching techniques such as individualized learning, differentiated instruction, technology-based learning, lecture-based instruction, game-based learning, small group learning, and with some classrooms, block scheduling is used to provide our students more time in each subject. Our teachers take their time creating their lesson plans to make sure that these subjects are being targeted but with a twist of creativity.

Our Living Skills Program builds up daily living experiences while promoting basic work habits and a sense of responsibility. This program includes, but is not limited to, employment training, money management, health and hygiene, daily functional skills, house chores, community outings, and basic culinary skills. Our teachers not only teach the vocabulary and function of these skills, but also create scenarios that provide our students with opportunities to master these skills.  

Our school has been using the Learning without Tears Program for years and have truly seen success. This program consists of music, technology, and hands-on manipulatives in every lesson. Not only do our students enjoy it, but our staff does too. Fine motor skills can be a struggle for many of our students, but incorporating this program in their day-to-day learning has shown an immense amount of progress in our students’ pre-handwriting and handwriting skills.

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